Dissent is a right, and the fossil fuel divestment movement is working!


The fossil fuel divestment campaign is having an impact.

This development involving the RCMP reminds me of the Gandhi quote posted last week: “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” The divestment campaign is a nonviolent movement working for a peaceful and sustainable future for all. We need to make sure that this attempt to tar the climate movement with one dirty brush is recognized as the dirty tactic that it is. While our federal government, many provincial governments, and politicians across the political spectrum still endorse pipelines and actively lobby for oil projects, tar sands and fossil fuel economies, the divestment movement needs to keep setting an example for how economies should be turning. The fossil fuel corporations are obviously highly resistant to this move, and this response from their current political employees show this is spades. The movement is growing and working: great job everyone, and keep it up!

Victory over climate denial for Andrew Weaver

Congrats to eminent Candian climatologist Andrew Weaver for sticking this out! Science always wins out over climate denial and right-wing attacks which conveniently line up with fossil fuel corporations and business as usual.. Even as scientists continue to struggle with continued attempts at silencing. #evidencefordemocracy #gofossilfree #thischangeseverything