Thank you #OSSTF

By Andrea Loken, Teacher, OSSTF Limestone District 27 and ECA co-founder

One of the goals of the Educators Climate Alliance is to raise awareness within our union about the climate crisis that all of us are facing. We chose as a first step to get behind the global divestment movement, which is gaining tremendous momentum worldwide. As one of the spokespeople for the ECA, I am extremely grateful for the conversations that have been started at our recent OSSTF annual general meeting (AMPA) around climate change and the importance of it both for our union and for society as whole. Many of the Provincial Executive and OTF Governors have engaged in this conversation and are clearly interested in continuing it. It is out of deep respect and appreciation for my union and love for the planet that sustains all of us that I have become involved in this way. Let’s continue to listen to each other and find the best way to take action on climate change. Our kids are depending on us. It is their future we need to defend.

* * * * *

p.s. Please consider sharing our blog/posts and petition on your social media platform or share with friends and colleagues via email. If we are to affect change as quickly as is necessary, we really need everyone to become involved. All of us have a stake in our pensions and care about a planet that is livable in the future. The urgency is only going to become more and more apparent. No one is coming to save us. The power is within ourselves – each individual – to change the current system. We hope you can join the growing chorus!

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