Do you want to help build the Educators Climate Alliance?

We are building a grassroots movement within our unions (beginning with OSSTF and aiming to engage ETFO, OECTA, AEFO and CUPE) to address climate change. We know that educators and our unions are vital to the solutions. Awareness is growing by leaps and bounds and we want our unions to take their rightful places as leaders in the fight for social justice and human rights. We know we can do this. As columnist George Monbiot said recently in the Guardian, “It is a David v Goliath battle, but we believe it can be won.”

We want to help our leaders understand how important this is – not an ‘issue’, but a ‘civilization wake-up call’ [- Naomi Klein]. Therefore, we hope to inspire grassroots educators to do everything possible to make our voices heard. We should never underestimate our ability as individuals to inspire others.

We want to share our resources, but also tap into the talents of our fellow colleagues. You can find a downloadable flyer explaining what the ECA is trying to do here. If you are a member of an educators’ union and you would like to get things going in your district or your union, contact us. If you would like to write a blog post or share other expertise or resources, please contact us at

Please see our homepage and previous posts for more information.

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