The Climate Change Opportunity [for unions]

by Kevin Bowers, teacher, OSSTF Limestone District 27, and ECA co-founder

PR machines, industry, media, and governments have successfully branded unions and their ‘bosses’ as disruptive and greedy. Climate change offers unions a tremendous opportunity to rebrand and reinvigorate.  There is a hunger for an economic vision that protects the planet and simultaneously supports social equality and good jobs. Unions need to articulate and build this optimistic future and thus define ourselves as leaders in the fight against the forces of disruption and greed.  Unions should call out the industries, media and governments that support the carbon economy and articulate how they are undermining our collective security and prosperity. Simultaneously we need to celebrate and champion the solutions to the climate crisis.  The plentiful, high paying, community centered, democratic jobs of the green economy are not only the solution to the climate crisis but also an opportunity for us to brand unions as the optimistic architects of a prosperous and sustainable future.

[See what the International Trade Union Confederation has to say about this here.]

* * * * *

p.s. Please consider sharing our blog/posts and petition on your social media platform or share with friends and colleagues via email. If we are to affect change as quickly as is necessary, we really need everyone to become involved. All of us have a stake in our pensions and care about a planet that is livable in the future. The urgency is only going to become more and more apparent. No one is coming to save us. The power is within ourselves – each individual – to change the current system. We hope you can join the growing chorus!

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