Trudeau Is Less Liberal Than You Think

by Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein via The Daily Beast

“Many environmentalists rejoiced when Stephen Harper’s government was thrown out of office in Canada. But Justin Trudeau is no savior.”

“…a huge and growing movement of Canadians is determined to give our young prime minister the best gift any new government can receive: relentless pressure from below.”

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A Plethora of Climate Actions in November – Get involved!

May10-14 DefendOurClimate crowd

The whole globe is mobilizing! There are so many actions planned as we approach the December UN Climate Summit in Paris, we thought we would compile them here.

We are living in extraordinary times and people are quickly waking up to the climate crisis knowing we are running out of time to make decisions. Canada is has a new opportunity to change course with a new Prime Minister at the helm. Canadian Labour is getting on board realizing that the climate issue is OUR issue. Here are a few of the bigger actions taking place in November. Many of these actions are very accessible, designed to help community or small groups to be a part of a larger global action. Get involved!

November 5 – 8: Climate Welcome – Ottawa Action

“a series of serious, but gentle, civil disobedience actions starting November 5th to welcome Justin Trudeau to office and call on him to get to work on real climate action”

November 29: People’s Global Climate March: 100% Possible

“On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, let’s show our new government that a 100% clean economy is 100% possible.”

The main event is in Ottawa:

Other events are planned world-wide, including Kingston:

November 30: Climate Strike – Global Student Action

“The adult generations have promised to stop the climate crisis, but they have skipped their homework year after year. Climate strike is a wake-up call to our own generation. And it is the start of a network that will solve the greatest challenge in human history. Together. We need your hands and hearts and smarts!”

November 30 – December 12: Climate Games – Global

“The world’s largest Disobedient Action Adventure Game

It’s December 2015. You have a heart filled with courage, a mobile phone and plans for creative mischief. Your team is ready to merge street and online disobedience. The COP21 UN climate summit is just opening in Paris. Manifestations of ‘the Mesh’ — austerity-dictating politicians, fossil fuel corporations, industry lobbyists, peddlers of false solutions and greenwashers – are converging to solve the climate catastrophe. Or so they tell us.

We are not convinced.

Your objective is to join the global movements swarming to shift the game against profit and in favour of life.

The Climate Games are where action-adventure meets actual change. Anyone can play this real-time, real-world game and turn Paris and the world into a giant, direct action playing field for climate justice. We have everything to play for – but time is running out.”