thoughts on the recent IPCC report

Climate activists across the world are welcoming the IPCC’s latest, sober addition to public discourse on climate change.  As most governments in the world, particularly those overseeing the most fossil fuel dependent societies, continue to sleepwalk their way through mounting evidence of the need for action, the IPCC reminds us that the matter is far more urgent than most of us understood.

Here in Canada, our federal government – owner of a failed tar sands pipeline – and many provincial governments continue to behave as though climate change is not really the most pressing problem facing humanity in the present and long term, one that informs all of our other collective challenges – from inequality (housing, employment, education, health, water and sanitation) to disease.

On the fringes of government and industry discourse is the idea that things are too far gone to bother engaging in any action anyway.  Global citizens need to take back the public sphere, and public efforts to mitigate climate change if we are to properly heed this most recent – among many – warnings from the IPCC.

-Adam Davidson-Harden

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