Links to ECA articles on the case for fossil fuel divestment

Adam Davidson-Harden

As educator-activists associated with the Educators’ Climate Alliance prepare to table resolutions and motions at this year’s coming meeting of AMPA, the annual gathering of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, ECA member Andrea Loken has put together this collection of links that discuss the case for fossil fuel divestment.  This strategy is still a vital and viable tactic within the larger array of political and economic moves we need to make to transition away from fossil fuels in the attempt to mitigate climate change.  It was thrilling to see the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario pass a motion to work toward furthering the fossil fuel divestment movement.  We hope that the OSSTF will help contribute to this global movement as well.

Will divestment put my pension at risk?

Why divestment if, arguably, it won’t hurt fossil fuel companies?

Keep it in the ground: why this is a matter of basic ethics

The Climate Change Opportunity [for Unions] 

Unions, Trade Deals, Climate and Democracy

CCPA makes the economic case for divestment

Thank you AMPA 2017, but the divestment conversation is not over

A Call for a Progressive Rebranding of our Union

OSSTF Candidate Responses to the ECA Questionnaire (2017 election)

Engagement vs Divestment: Questioning OTPP’s strategy

Science vs Economics: The need for economics ‘in a new key’

Musings on the major anti-divestment arguments

Is the fossil fuel industry ignoring risks of declining demand?

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