New analysis: Fossil fuel-free funds outperformed conventional ones

From the Guardian newspaper: “Investors who dumped holdings in coal, oil and gas earned an average return of 1.2% more a year over last five years, data from the world’s leading stock market index reveals.”

Three Scary Numbers: A Lesson Plan

“Every now and then an article comes along that takes such a novel approach to an issue, I feel like I’m seeing something with new eyes. Such was the case when I read Bill McKibben’s 2012 Rolling Stone article, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.” It made me see our climate predicament with such clarity that I knew immediately I had to figure out how to turn this article into curriculum.”

Here is a 3 min video summarizing the three numbers.

Reject the status quo arguments: divestment movement is necessary

On fiduciary duty: “It is not acceptable for fund managers to hide behind their apparent duty to a narrow group of clients as an excuse for not considering the future stability of human society.”